It’s not about being perfect; nobody is perfect.

It’s about being YOU.

Let go of all comparison and competition,
embrace yourself and simply be

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Just as you are


Not just about the bump
Your glow, your joy


Your dreams
Your imagination




Through a face to face, in home consultation each photo shoot is designed around you and your unique personality.

Nature, forests, natural makeup?
Studio, glamour, big dresses, big hair?
Strong, vibrant, daring colours?
Calm, subtle, relaxing hues?

Your likes, your passions, your style all come together to create a photo shoot that is all about capturing YOU and creating beautiful photos that you will love.

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With the location and style prearranged, it's time to relax and be pampered in hair and makeup.

You will then be confidently guided through poses and expressions with no pressure on you to know how to move or what to do.


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That moment you’ve been waiting for... your beautiful photos revealed!

In the comfort of your home you will be presented with your finished images, each one selected and edited with care and attention to detail.

With absolutely no pressure, the choice is yours to pick and choose à la carte the photos that you want to see every day printed on your walls or to be given to those who love you.




The desire to be attractive has been a part of humanity since the beginning.

But where beauty used to be defined by the beholder, it is now dictated by billion dollar industries who do not have our best interests at heart.

I am passionate about living free of the pressure to conform to what I'm told is beautiful and to rather embrace the body I do have and get on with enjoying life to the fullest.

I am a wife, fortunate to be adored no matter what I'm wearing, weighing or doing.

I am a mother with a deep desire for my children to grow up in their own identity, loving who they were created to be.

I am a woman, passionate to see women set free from comparison, competition and the pressure to fit into a mould.

Photography allows me a glimpse into a person’s life.

To sit with women, hear their story and discover what makes them them is an incredible privilege. To then capture their essence and create a work of art to tell that story is a real honour.


I am Lizzie Szemis
Your Photographer





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